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Traveling Years 2007-2014

The Solitudes Vansihing Spain At Other places
The Human Touch

The search for peace of mind took me to Thailand to attend a buddhist meditation retreat in early 2007. The experience did change my life and made me travel to all of the Theravada Buddhist countries in the following years. Ever since that first time I am fascinated by the so different asian attitude towards life . Having spent my so far lifetime desiring things and being impatient about getting them, like so many others in our culture, I eventually found some of that peace I had been looking for. Getting to know the buddhist teaching tought me to enjoy the moment, living consciously, trying not to want anything else than the present (which of course still does not always work out!) Photography is helping me a good deal in doing so , even when livingin Europe. In the end it does not really matter where I roam, I will only make different pictures.